Vaginal Lubricants: Should you be using them?

The vagina is its own keeper as it works towards cleansing itself and maintaining hygiene. The natural lubrication produced by the vagina is considered to help boost sexual activity. However, some women experience dryness, when the natural lubrication within the vagina dries up. The reason varies for women depending on their health.[1] To cope with the lack of natural lubricants, women prefer going for artificial lubricants, lubes, and other such things that make having sex comfortable.

Vaginal lubrication is often produced when a woman becomes sexually aroused. This reduces the friction around the vagina, thereby leading to comfortable sex. Also, when there’s enough lubrication around the vagina, there will be less risk of developing any irritation or soreness.

Since vaginal dryness is a common issue in women approaching their menopause period, artificial lubricants are available in the market.[2] These lubes are available in different flavors and materials to suit every person’s needs.

If your body fails to produce enough lubrication, it is time that you consider artificial ones. Well, artificial lubrication can work the same as natural ones- keeping the vagina soft, reducing friction during penetration, and boosting the sexual activity. Even if you and your partner are into using sex toys, artificial lubricants can be of great help.

Who can use artificial lubricants?

If you have been wondering who can use the artificial lubricants, well, the good news is that everyone can use it.[3] Irrespective of the type of lubrication produced by your body, you can use these.

The artificial lubricants seem to be the most helpful for women suffering from vaginal dryness. Also, using lubricants has shown to help overcome several vaginal problems such as burning, chafing, itching, and more.

Antidepressants, birth hormonal control pills, chemotherapy, dehydration, smoking, and autoimmune disorders are some of the common reasons why a woman may be undergoing vaginal dryness.

It would be wrong to say that every lubricant works differently for people. But, it is necessary to consider that these can play an important role in arousing and helping towards sexual function. If you have been looking up for ways to spice up your sexual life, you can try artificial lubricants such as Spanish Fly Pro. Well, these lubricants can be of great help even when you are going solo.

When should you use vaginal lubricants?

The vaginal lubricants should be used if your vaginal fails to produce enough lubrication.[4] The artificial lubricants work as a substitute making the vagina moisturized and free from dryness. Based on the needs, the women may as well choose synthetic lubricants.

Menopause leads to vaginal dryness

Often the vagina may fail to produce sufficient lubrication during sexual activity. In such situations, the couple may prefer using artificial lubrication.

Often women suffer from pain and itching around the vagina, which makes the vaginal tissues dry and sensitive.[5] Although it may not seem like a big problem initially, it can prove to be one in the long run. As a result, it is necessary that proper care is taken of the lubrication, and an artificial one is added if the natural one fails.


Different types of lubricants

Different types of artificial lubricants are available in the market to suit the requirements of the user. Often people prefer trying all of them, while some may prefer sticking to a particular one. Whether you are a first-time buyer or have been using artificial lubricants for a long time, it is time that you know about the different types too.[6]

Some of the prominent types of artificial lubricants that can surely solve the problem include the following.

  • Water-based

Water-based lubricants are the most commonly used ones. They are available in two types- the glycerin ones having a sweet taste, and the non-glycerin ones.


Both types of water-based lubricants are incredibly affordable and easily available in the market. Moreover, they are safe to use too. If you are concerned about your sheets being stained, well, these do not. However, if you are prone to vaginal sensitivity and itching, you should avoid using the water-based glycerin lubricants.


The flavored water-based lubricants contain glycerin that may lead to faster drying. Also, these contain sugar, which is why they increase the risk of yeast infections. Glycerin-free lubricants do not have good taste. You surely wouldn’t want to use it for oral sex.[7]

  • Silicone-based lubricants

If you are looking for lubricants that are tasteless and odorless, then the silicone-based lubricants are the best to try. Moreover, they are smooth and slippery as well, thereby contributing to better sex.


These are considered to last a long time. You don’t need to fuss over the reapplication of the oil-based lubricants like that of water-based ones.[8]

If you are into using latex condoms, you should be using the silicone-based lubrication. Also, these are hypoallergenic in nature, which is why you should surely be considering it if you are prone to sensitivity.


Despite so many benefits, there are some cons as well, such as washing the silicone-based lubricants is a little hard. Since it leaves behind a residue, it is necessary to scrub it off properly. If you have been using silicone sex toys, you should avoid using it as they can break it. This only increases the gross.[9]

  • Oil-based lubricants

The oil-based lubricants are of two types: natural (made of butter and coconut oil) and synthetic (made of mineral oil or vaseline).[10]

Compared to others, the oil-based lubricants are safe to use, easily accessible, and affordable too. However, it is often recommended to try water-based lubricants before trying out the oil-based ones.

Oil-based lubricants can prove to be uncomfortable for many people since it can irritate the skin.[11]


Natural oil-based lubricants are great, especially if you enjoy gentle massages and comfortable foreplay. They can be used for different sexual activities in no time. Also, oil-based lubricants are extremely safe to use around the vagina.

Synthetic oil-based lubricants are the most suitable for external masturbation. However, they cannot suit any more purpose.


You should be avoiding oil-based lubricants if you use latex condoms a lot. Often, oil-based lubricants can also pave the way for condom failure and breakage. It can destroy your fabrics as well. As a result, you may prefer avoiding it.

However, if you have been using oil-based synthetic lubricants all around the vagina, it can irritate your vaginal skin. Also, they are very hard to remove from the skin. It is for this reason, using oil-based lubricants too much can lead to vaginal infection.

  • Natural Oil-Based Lubricants

The natural Oil-Based lubricants are easily available in the market. They are often made of eco-friendly ingredients. As a result, you should surely be considering these if you want to maintain a safe environment for your vagina.


The natural Oil-Based lubricants are free from paraben and other conservatives that can harm your vaginal health.


The natural oil-based lubricants do not last long and are expensive as well. It is for this reason that many people prefer avoiding it.

How to use vaginal lubricants?

Whenever using the vaginal lubricants, it is essential to follow the instructions given on the box.[12] Rather than starting with a great amount, it is always suggested to use small amounts initially and then go on increasing the number of usages depending on the comfort level of the vagina.

Before trying out the estrogen-based creams, it is necessary to reach out to your doctor. Doctors would always recommend using the lubricants depending on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. One of the most important things to consider about lubricants is the impact. While some estrogen creams will take a long time to show results, some will do it in a short span itself.

Improved vaginal lubrication only contributes to improved sexual health. Vaginal dryness can often indicate frustration and anger.[13] Therefore, apart from taking care of your physical health, one should also focus on mental health for a better sexual life.


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