The Top Health Benefits of Sex

Sex and sexuality is something that we cannot deny. Moreover, these two are some of the essential parts of our lives. Sex is not only about reproduction but a strong intimate relationship with your partner. It is all about giving and receiving pleasure. Sex, masturbation, and PVI (penile-vaginal intercourse)[1] can play an important role in strengthening the relationship. Apart from that, they tend to bestow a number of health benefits.[2]

Sex is not only meant for making you feel good, but also for your good. Healthy and consensual sex between two adults can go to lower the risk of cancer, take away stress, and so much more. The feeling of connectedness and enhanced bond with your partner will make you feel warm and also contributes towards low mental issues. Ranging from clearing complexion, to cutting down the risk of cancer, sex can be beneficial for you in different aspects.

Even if you do not have a partner, know that self-pleasuring too can have similar impacts, as long as you experience a good and healthy orgasm. Believe it or not, sex is going to do you more good than just making you feel good. Also, these are backed by science, so you already know that we are not kidding you.

The listing below is some of the prominent health benefits of sex include the following.

Sex Helps to Enhance Heart Health

Sex is similar to a cardio exercise, which can help to maintain your heart health. Healthy and consensual sex can do a lot of good for your cardiovascular health. One of the studies published in the American Journal of Cardiology showed that men who had sex twice or more a week tend to have a lesser risk of developing heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack, or others, as compared to others who had sex once or twice a month.

Often people are afraid of the fact that exertion involved in sex may hurt your heart. However, it does not. Studies recommend that people who can exercise properly between 3 to 5 metabolic equivalents will have no risk of developing any heart disease due to sex. Also, good sexual activity will help you lose weight. Bonus, isn’t it?

Boosts your immune system

Sexual health experts are of the view that people with healthy sex life tend to have a lesser risk of falling sick. People with a happy and healthy sex life are protected against the risk of germs, viruses, and other harmful diseases entering your body. The sexual activities tend to defend your body against these unwanted intruders. People who have infrequent sex tend to have less amount of IgA (Immunoglobulin A) in their bodies, which is one of the main antibodies that protected against illnesses.[3]

One of the researches conducted at Wilkes University showed that college students having sex once or twice a week tend to have a high level of the antibody as compared to students who don’t. However, sex combined with the following activities can help you have a strong immune system

  • Stay active
  • Eat the correct food
  • Sleep properly
  • Stay updated with your vaccines
  • Use a condom to prevent STDs

Staying happy and being in a good mood can help to enhance sexual activity. This further strengthens the immune system.[4]

Better Sleep

Most of us suffer from sleep problems. But what is the easiest solution to it? Good sex. Good sex leads to orgasm. This eventually leads to the body releasing the intimacy or love hormone, also referred to as oxytocin. The released hormone functions as sedation and helps to boost sleep.

Once you tend to have better sleep, most of your problems will begin to disappear. Some of the prominent benefits of getting a good sleep include the following

  • Stronger Immune system
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Longevity
  • Staying energized and active the entire day

Relieves pain

It is often said that looking at your partner can play an essential role in releasing stress and easing pain. But, one of the studies published in the PLoS One conducted an activity where people were asked to look at their romantic partners or attractive strangers. They were asked to indulge in a word game.

The concluding results of the study found that looking at the loved or romantic partners helped in easing the pain. Therefore, sex can play an important role in saving time and effort. If you think that sex is going to give you pain, just take a look at your partner. Nonetheless, several studies have also shown the benefits of a good orgasm, lowering the chance of severe menstrual cramps.

Boosts libido

If you feel that your body hasn’t been producing enough libido, maybe you need to give it a thought. Experts have often said that the best cure to vanishing libido is to have sex. If you have more sex, your desire will eventually improve. Once you have increasing desires, the libido production will improve too.

Women have often complained about vaginal dryness during sex. Indulging in a good and healthy sexual activity can help to bring back the lost desire and better vaginal lubrication. Sex can increase the blood flow around your vagina and eventually improve the elasticity. Once the elasticity improves, the chances of libido production and pleasurable sex will increase too.

Improve bladder control in women

Women have often complained about urinary incontinence. Around 30% of women have also suffered from the risk of urinary tract infection due to unprotected sex. But, sex accompanied by a good orgasm regularly can help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of the women. They also contribute towards toning and bringing them in proper shape.

Orgasms work similarly as Kegel exercises. Strong pelvic muscles help to lower the risks of accidents and further prevents urinary leaks. This contributes to better urinary control in women. Also, this helps to lower the risk of contracting urinary tract infections.[5]

Less Stress and Low Blood Pressure

Sex releases happy or mood-boosting hormones such as endorphins. Once you have happy hormones around your body, you will eventually be able to calm yourself. Being one of the most prominent types of exercises, the release of hormones can contribute towards calming you down.

One of the studies published in Biological Psychology showed that even during moments of high stress, a good sexual activity could help to control and prevent the increasing blood pressure. While penetrative sex is more effective in this case, masturbation and non-penetrative sex can too help to have a similar impact. This contributes to low blood pressure and a happy mood.

Lowers the risk of preeclampsia in women

Pregnant women may be under the risk of developing severe pregnancy complications if not taken care of. However, if they are exposed to semen or undergo frequent sexual activity, they may be protected against the risk of developing these pregnancy complications, preeclampsia. Preeclampsia may be extremely dangerous as it increases the risk of seizures, swollen arms, headaches, and more.

Semen contains one essential protein, HLG-A, that regulates the immune system of the women. The presence of this protein helps to lower the risk of complications. This is a huge boost to the immune system of the pregnant lady to protect the child.

Lowers the signs of depression

In a busy world like today, where people hardly have time for each other, depression has become pretty common. The release of oxytocin helps you feel happy. But it is not entirely about the release of oxytocin, but also about the properties of semen.

One of the studies showed that semen often acted as an antidepressant in teenage girls. Through the vagina, the body absorbs all the semen into the bloodstream, thereby boosting a healthy mood around.

Lowers the risk of prostate cancer

This is one of the most prominent male-specific health benefits of sex. One of the studies has shown that frequent ejaculations can contribute to lowering the risk of prostate cancer. The frequent ejaculations, however, are defined as 21 times per month or more. How the ejaculations happened isn’t a matter of concern, but it should happen.[6]

The ejaculations, however, can happen via intercourse, masturbation, or nocturnal ones. But this isn’t the only benefit of frequent ejaculations.

Burn calories

If you are trying to get rid of those extra calories, it is time that you work towards it. Sex, however, is one of the most interesting ways to burn those extra calories. One of the studies has found that having sex can help to burn up to 108 calories per hour. On an overall basis, you may be able to shed off one pound really quickly, faster than your regular workout session.

Can masturbation be beneficial?

Masturbation has also a number of benefits. Some of them include

  • Better sexual interaction between partners
  • Understanding your own body
  • Better sexual satisfaction
  • Lower risk of sexual dysfunction
  • Positive body image

Sex being an important part of life and relationship can help to strengthen and lighten the mood. Orgasms, however, are necessary to boost up the health benefits. However, it is necessary to have a strong relationship with your partner to ensure a better sexual life.


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