Morning Sex: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Morning Sex can be significant.The first thing we crave for in the morning is a warm cup of coffee or tea, but some people crave for morning Sex.[1]

If you are one of them, don’t shy away because it’s normal. Also, there’s no better way than having sex to kickstart your day.

We all tend to get busy on waking up, but coffee and sex can act as great stress relievers. Morning sex, believe it or not, plays a vital role in boosting your mood. Also, once you have an orgasm, your energy level will be at its peak. But hey, let’s not forget the most important aspect: having sex in the morning is one of the best ways to develop a strong bond with your partner.[2]

The Top Benefits of Morning Sex

It is scientifically proven that having sex in the morning has its own list of benefits.[3] Some of the most prominent ones include the following

Your body is on the go

While they have always said night sex to be great, it is actually morning sex that is great. Your body is always ready to have sex in the morning because it is during this time that estrogen and testosterone levels are at the peaks. One of the studies showed that hormone levels tend to have a huge impact on libido. The higher levels of the hormone, the more turned on you are.

Boys last longer

Girls, if you have always complained about your partner not lasting long enough, try morning sex once. The higher levels of testosterone, the better your partner will last in bed.[4]

The high levels of testosterone can make your partner’s libido increase and will lead to improved sexual function. Also, it is said that high levels of libido lead to a stronger erection.

It is one great workout

Working out in the morning can have a positive impact. Morning sex may not be as useful as pushups, but surely it is great and can make you last longer in bed. As per estimations, sex helps to burn around five calories per minute. Well, wouldn’t you want to burn your calories and experience pleasure at the same time?[5]

It releases stress

We tend to be stressed all day long. This stress never leaves us and accompanies us to bed as well. Well, morning sex can be one of the most effective ways of getting rid of stress. Studies have shown that pleasurable activities can help to relieve stress on a significant level. So, before you head out to work, you can prefer climaxing once. It is going to set your mood for the rest of the day.

It is healthy for the brain and the immune system

Several studies have shown the positive impact of morning sex on your brain. It helps to release dopamine- the feel-good hormone that can help make your brain healthy and boost cognitive functioning.[6]

Morning sex works the same way as vitamin C thereby making you feel relieved throughout. Morning sex can boost your immunity, which helps your body fight against viruses, germs, bacteria and more.

Can I have sex in the morning?

Many couples are skeptical about having sex in the morning, but it is one great way to stay healthy. Spontaneous sex is great, but you can’t always make it happen.

If you really want to practice sex in the morning, you will need to follow a proper schedule for your steamy sessions. Following certain tips can be a great help and allows you to fit in the daily schedule.

Are you worried about time?

You may initially feel a lot worried about timing and having sex in the morning. It can hamper your entire schedule, but you can choose to set your alarm clock 20 minutes early or even an hour.[7]

Rather than having fast sex, make sure to manage time and schedule the alarm clock so that you can indulge in sex accordingly.

Don’t want to be tired?

Mornings are meant to be fresh, yet so many of us get lousy. But that shouldn’t stop you from being active on the bed. The sex positions you choose have an important role to play, which is why you should practise accordingly.[8]

You may choose positions such as spooning and doggy that can make you feel pleasure quickly. What’s a pleasure without cardio?

Is bad breath stressing you?

We all hate morning breath because mostly it’s bad. That’s no big deal. All you need to do is keep some mint by your side. You can also avoid face-to-face positions and try styles such as spooning, lotus, or doggy. This limits facial exposure and you won’t need to worry about bad breath.[9]

Is the light bothering you?

John Donne, the great poet, was annoyed by the Sun interfering between him and his lover. So, it’s common for you to feel disturbed too.

But, soft lighting can be one of the best ways to indulge in sex. You can cover the spaces that bring about excessive lighting and even close the shades. As you make love, allow the shadows to make you feel comfortable.

Don’t want to try it?

No matter how exciting morning sex is, you may not want to do it. There are different ways to practice intercourse. Hence, if you don’t want to penetrate, you can try indulging in oral sex.[10]

Positions to Try

There are several sex positions to try, but some of them are specifically for the morning. Some of the most prominent ones to try include


Don’t you want to indulge in a lot of work? Spooning is the best solution. Spooning allows you to lie comfortably with your partner while they penetrate you from behind. You must maintain the coordination to get the most out of sexual activity.[11]


Truth Bomb: Doggy style is the best of all sex styles. Doggy style is great if you want deep thrusting and want both parties to enjoy great sex. Not only is doggy great for penetrative sex but oral as well. You and your partner should be in sync with each other so you can enjoy the best.[12]


Don’t you want to be in control? Cowgirl is a classic, fun position and allows the girl to take charge. With a cowgirl position, the girl has complete control over speed and penetration depth. Whether you want shallow and deep penetration, the entire control is on you, to get maximum satisfaction.[13]

Side 69

Side 69 is a great position to try in the morning, especially if you want to indulge in oral or vaginal sex. Keep switching positions for extra fun and pleasure.

Morning sex is great as it keeps your energy at the top. It keeps you fresh, helps you bond with your partner and the stress level is low too. Rather than opting for every day, practice morning sex for three days a week.



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