How Long Should Sex Last?

Too long or too short can be a considerable downgrade. Also, it can turn anyone off.

But the ideal question here is, How long should sex last?

Sometimes, sex can be too long, and sometimes it can be too long. What? Yes, it can either be 30 seconds or 30 minutes, all depending upon the stamina of the man.

On the other hand, a too short duration can be a huge turn off, while the longer one can make you feel that your vagina is about to break down.[1]

The key to pleasurable sex is neither too long, nor too short. But what exactly is it? Let us break it down for you.

How long should sex be?

As per reports of 2005 by Society for Sex Therapy and Research, the ideal duration for sex is three to seven minutes.

As per the study, one to two minutes of vaginal sex is too short, while something above ten to thirteen minutes is too long.[2]

Each of them can be painful for your partner.

The length completely depends on how you perceive sex.

While some men consider sex to be only their orgasm while many have often considered sex to be until both of the partners reach climax.

The method of climax will strongly depend on how one receives it, through oral, anal or vaginal sex. In some cases, it can be a combination of all.

If you consider sex to be only intercourse, know that it will last only a few moments.

Penile-vaginal sex is considered to be the ideal procedure of sex. But there is no necessity of involvement of the penis in case of vaginal sex.

Sex is different for everyone

Sex is a very personal space. Hence, personal experiences have an important role to play. Over everything, pleasure is the first thing to be considered.[3]

Some people love slow sex, while some prefer long and aggressive sex.

How you want to satisfy your partner is strongly dependent on you and your partner. So, before indulging in sex, you and your partners must know each other.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to pleasure, so you may not want to miss it.[4]

What affects sex?

No matter how much you want it to be longer, you won’t be able to achieve it if biological factors limit you

  • Genitalia

As per reports, the size and shape of your genitals have an important role to play. This may have an important role as far as the ridge and head is concerned.

The ridge paves the way for deeper and vigorous sex. Many couple prefer indulging in competitive evolution to make sex painful.

However, a number of couples also prefer thrusting during ejaculation. Well, thrusting even after ejaculating can increase the chances of reproduction.[5]

  • Sexual dysfunction

If you are suffering from sexual dysfunction issues such as premature ejaculation, you may reach climax early.

This can be frustrating.

It can be equally frustrating for people who suffer from delayed ejaculation. Why? Because they may take a long time to reach the climax. In some cases, these men suffering from delayed ejaculation won’t reach climax at all.[6]

  • Age

If you are old, you will have a hard time getting aroused and reach climax. This is valid for women who become prone to different problems such as lower libido and vaginal dryness.

How to do a quickie?

All of us know what a quickie is, but if you don’t know, we are here for you.

Quickie is a short, steamy sex session meant for you to reach the climax soon.[7]

It’s necessary to know both, you and your partner’s requirements so that you both can have a great time.

Quickie may prove to be effective only if you know how to do it. So, let us help you do it the right way.

Consult your partner

Sex is a two-way thing. As much as it is important for you to feel the spark and pleasure, it is for your partner as well.

So, before you involve yourself with your partner, make sure to know what they want. At the same time, you should let them know what you prefer.

Since you both don’t have enough time, being familiar with each other’s preferences can help you to reach climax faster.

Touch yourself

While your partner is doing it, you need to take gears in your hands too. By that, we mean, while your partner is making love, you should make love to yourself too and touch yourself.[8]

Many couples have also agreed to mutual masturbation, where they help each other reach climax faster.

When your partner is down on you, it is better that you touch yourself as well. Each way it can be great, so you will not want to miss it. You can run your nipples or touch your clitoris.

This is actually beneficial for your sex life, because you will be able to offer maximum pleasure to each other and pave the way for them to strengthen the relationship.[9]

If you want to last long

Who doesn’t want to last long after all?

  • Practise kegel exercises

This is something you should be doing outside the bedroom. Well, kegel exercises have a lot of benefits, but mostly, it strengthens your pelvic floor.

The clench and release movement makes the muscle and tissues strong. This clench and release movement will further be helpful for the squeeze technique.

The Johnsons’ and Masters’ Squeeze Technique actually plays a great role in helping you last longer. This ejaculatory control measure helps to control ejaculation until the urge reduces. Once it reduces, you can start all over again.[10]

  • Change Techniques

There is a lot to sex than just penetration.

If you and your partner want to satisfy each other and last longer, you both need to take it far from penetrative sex. [11]

Foreplay surely is one of the best ways to stay active and last longer. Apart from that, you can also try different positions to give yourself a boost.

Don’t Think about the Climax

One of the main reasons why you are ejaculating soon is probably because you are thinking about it.

Sex is not about the end goal but the process and enjoying it. You can indulge in penetrative sex and feel it rather than thinking about the climax.

If you enjoy your process, the climax can wait.

How long sex lasts is all about how one perceives it to be.[12] Mutual desires and individual expectations do have an important role to play. If you are concerned about the duration, it is better to consult a doctor about it. The doctor will be able to check for underlying symptoms and discomfort easily. 


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