Female Ejaculation: It’s a Real Thing but with limited scientific research

Female ejaculation?

Is that even a thing? Of course, it is.

Over the years, there has been debate over female ejaculation and whether it actually exists. Now, it’s been proven that it’s not the same as urine.[1]

The process of female ejaculation is very much the same as the process of a man ejaculating. Female ejaculation is when the urethra of the woman releases fluid during sex. However, there is no direct connection between orgasm and female ejaculation.[2]

But what is it? Even today, there’s very limited scientific research about female ejaculation.  The working and impact are still not researched, but it is entirely normal and not something unusual. If you are a woman and unaware of female ejaculation, there are high chances that you don’t know you have experienced it yet.[3]

What is female ejaculation?

Female ejaculation refers to the process when a woman expels fluid from the vagina during or after sex. Often female ejaculation is compared to that of orgasm. Female ejaculation is a thick, whitish fluid that is experienced mostly during sexual arousal.

Female ejaculation is, however, divided into two kinds of fluids.

Ejaculation fluid: This is a thicker, whitish fluid that appears very same as that of male ejaculation. It doesn’t appear in large quantities and is very limited.[4]

Squirting fluid: This is a transparent fluid, that is colorless and odorless. Squirting fluid usually appears in large quantities.

Similar to male ejaculation, female ejaculation fluid also contains PSA or prostatic acid phosphatase. Apart from that, the fluid also contains fructose, which is also found in male ejaculation fluid to provide energy.

The fructose in female ejaculation fluid is from Skene’s gland, also referred to as paraurethral, female, and garter glands.

Is female ejaculation real?

Yes, it is.

Over the years, scientists have researched to find out the validity of ejaculation. Scientists in the initial phases considered female ejaculation to be a continence problem. But with time, the idea of continence was debunked and regarded to be a real thing.

One study of 2014 showed that the bladder gets filled with fluid during arousal and releases through the urethra.[5] The study showed women’s empty bladder got filled during arousal and became empty again.

Are ejaculation and squirting the same thing?

Often ejaculation and squirting have considered being the same thing. But studies have shown that ejaculation and squirting are two different things.

The fluid released during squirting is usually watery and contains a bit of urine and ejaculates in it. The squirting liquid is formed in the bladder and exits via the urethra. Thus, it is the same as well but with a lot of sex appeal.[6]

What is the ejaculate liquid?

Female ejaculation is different and a thick fluid with a diluted milky appearance.[7] The female ejaculate contains urea and creatinine, the same components that are found in urine.

Is Female Ejaculation common?

Yes, it is.

Female ejaculation is normal, but not a lot of people are aware of it. As per reports by the International Society for Sexual Medicine, about 10-50% of women ejaculate during sex but are not aware of it.[8]

Women do ejaculate, but they are unable to notice it because several women are still unaware of it. One of the main reasons women are not familiar with it is that if the fluid is not released, it will move back to the bladder. This stored fluid in the bladder is later passed off as urine.

The experience through female ejaculation over time will vary from person to person. Most women, while ejaculating, have triggers and feelings.

What are the health benefits of ejaculation?

There is no scientific evidence about the health benefits of female ejaculation.[9] But, sex offers several benefits as well.

Sex leads to orgasm, which eventually leads to relieving back, head, leg, and menstrual cramps.[10] Also, orgasm can lead to a peaceful sleep due to the release of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin.

Apart from these, some of the prominent benefits of ejaculation include the following.

  • Relieves stress
  • Makes the immune system stronger
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Offers protection against cardiovascular diseases

Is ejaculation urine?

No. Ejaculation is not urine since most ejaculation is made of prostate enzymes with traces of urea in it.[11]

It can also be said that squirting fluid is diluted urine with bits of ejaculation in it.

One of the most commonly asked questions if ejaculation and urine can occur at the same time? Most of the time, it can be the same thing.

But, ejaculation and urine can’t be the same thing, although they have some similarities.

Can ejaculation occur with orgasm?

The feeling and experience of the ejaculation will differ depending on the person. Many women experience the same feeling as that of orgasm while ejaculating (tremors around thighs and warm feeling).[12]

However, several women will also experience ejaculation due to G-spot stimulation, even if they do not orgasm. The intensity of ejaculation will depend on the position and level of arousal.

How does ejaculation feel?

As far as taste and smell is concerned, studies have found the effectiveness of both.

A scientific study has shown that female ejaculation is sweet in taste. For this reason, female ejaculation is often considered to be “nectar of the gods” even according to ancient Indian culture.

Ejaculation is odorless and does not have any smell like that of urine. Most people have often regarded the smell of ejaculation to be the same as that of urine, but it does not.[13]

Can one ejaculate on command?

Ejaculation on demand is not really possible if you do not have a proper idea of it. Once you learn how to do it, you can control yourself, and it will be a lot easier to ejaculate when you want to.

Ejaculation is all about feeling. If you start feeling good, getting into the mood will become a lot easier to get down to the business.[14]

Does everyone ejaculate?

Not really.

If you cannot ejaculate, you should not force yourself to do it. If you pressurize yourself, it will take away all the pressure. Irrespective of ejaculation, you can have a great sex life too.

There are other ways to enjoy fulfilling sex life and enjoy everything while maintaining comfort. There have been several instances where women received their first ejaculation after the age of 50 too. So, do not rush with it.[15]

Ejaculating is all about personal pleasure. If there’s something you are not able to achieve, do not pressurize yourself. Sex is all about the journey and not the climax. If you are having fun during the process, it does not matter when you reach the final destination.

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