Everything you need to know about having sex after vasectomy

Often, men believe that after vasectomy, the sex won’t be as fun as it used to be. Doctors would like to differ. They only recommend waiting for a week before having sex once you have undergone the vasectomy surgery. Nonetheless, the effect on your sterility will be complete only after three months.[1]

To keep a check with sterility and progress, you need to be in touch with your doctor. You may need to undergo a few medical tests after the procedure to ensure that you won’t get your partner pregnant. However, if you are planning to be sexually active even after the surgery, you need to ensure that you follow other methods of birth control too.

How does sex feel like after a vasectomy?

The vasectomy is a procedure conducted on vas deferens where it is cut out.The vas deferens is the tube that is responsible for putting sperm in semen during ejaculation.

Men who undergo vasectomy ensure that they will never be able to get their partners pregnant.[2] Doctors have considered the process as a 100% effective birth control measure because there won’t be any chances of conception.

Once the procedure is done, men need to abstain from having sex for a while. Nonetheless, the long-term effects on your sexual performance will not be much.[3]

How long does it take to heal?

Before proceeding to have sex, you need to ensure that you have healed. The basic and the very first step to recovery is to let the surgical site heal. The doctors operate the entire section, so it is necessary for the sexual organ to heal before having sex.

The healing procedure usually takes less than two weeks, but for some men, the healing period can be longer.[4] However, in some cases, the other affected areas may also be prone to wounds. Thus, it is better to avoid sex during this period until the symptoms of these disappear.

If you have sex before being healed, you may eventually suffer from several other injuries. Furthermore, it can also lead to delayed recovery.

If not sex, you can always opt for masturbation. However, it is suggested to do it slightly without putting much pressure on the wounds. Ejaculation, however, during this time can be harmful as it will make the muscles contract, and it will eventually lead to swelling. This can, however, be painful.[5]

Does sex hurt after a vasectomy?

Once you undergo a vasectomy, you need to be extremely careful before having sex. Nonetheless, you may experience a wide range of symptoms, such as the following.

  • Mild pain
  • Soreness and bruises around the scrotum
  • Blood clots around the scrotum
  • Blood in semen
  • Swelling around genitals

Depending on your conditions, the symptoms may last from a few days to weeks. If you want to have sex during this period, it is widespread for you to experience soreness, pain, swelling, and being too sexually active can make you uneasy and prolong the discomfort.

When the symptoms and operated area begin to heal, you will be able to indulge in sexual activity without hurting the surgery site.[6] It’s a good idea to try out natural aphrodisiac like Spanish Fly Pro to help you deal with the pain. It improves your sexual appetite, brings you to the right mood, and ensures you have a better experience in bed. You can buy it online, and there are no side effects to worry about.

How long does it take for the man to become sterile?

Usually, it takes around three months for the male to become completely sterile after vasectomy. The man will become sterile only if the sperm count becomes zero. You will be able to ejaculate, but there won’t be any sperm in it.[7] Therefore, there will be no chances of pregnancy.

But during these three months, the chances of pregnancy would still be very high because the sperm count would be normal. Even when you feel that the wounds have healed, you need to use protection to have sex.[8] This actually helps to prevent the sperm from leading to pregnancy.

Doctors will conduct a routine checkup in 6-12 weeks after a vasectomy. They will perform a test to check your sperm count and whether the wounds have recovered. You need to ensure that you do not have unprotected sex before the test.

Vasectomy is safe and extremely effective. There will be very few chances of complications.

Will vasectomy impact the sex drive?

Men are often worried about vasectomy having an impact on the sex drive. Well, it doesn’t. The lowered sperm count in semen is not related to reducing your sex drive.

However, there are different factors, such as having a baby, taking up responsibilities, and more that may have an impact on your mental health. The effect on your mental health will eventually have an impact on your sex drive. But, once you undergo the vasectomy, you won’t have any of these worries.[9] Thus, you will be able to indulge in sexual activity very confidently with none of these concerns in your mind.

Various researches have reported the increase in sex drive for men after getting a vasectomy.



Is it possible to get an erection after a vasectomy?

One of the most asked questions is if it is possible to get an erection after vasectomy. Hormones are a natural bodily process. Therefore, there are no reports of vasectomy having an impact on your erection. If you had no problem getting an erection before vasectomy, there is no chance that you will have any problem later on as well.[10]

If you notice any changes in your erection, you will need to consult a doctor. This may probably be because of underlying conditions or complications that might have happened during the surgery.

Recovery tips

These tips can quickly help to ease the pain around the wounds

Use Ice packs: You need to apply an ice pack on the wounded area for 20 minutes. This helps to reduce swelling and pain. However, make sure there isn’t any direct contact of ice to the skin.

Avoid heavy lifting: You need to avoid lifting heavy items as it can strain the scrotum muscles and cause more harm.

Maintain hygiene: It is essential to clean the wounded area every day. This helps to avoid the risk of infections.

Vasectomy won’t have any impact on your sexual drive, performance, or even ejaculation.[11] However, you will need to wait for some time to ensure the easy recovery of surgical sites. If you feel there are any complications, you will need to see a doctor.

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