Everything You Need To Know About Cervix Penetration

Sure, you might love spending time with your partner cuddling away in your bedroom. There is nothing like experimenting, maybe with a book of Kamasutra.[1]

Now, nobody denies that clitoral and vaginal penetration is the greatest way to achieve orgasm. But do you know what’s even better? Cervix penetration. If you want a full-body orgasm and wish to explore chills all across your body, cervix penetration is what you need to be looking for. Additionally, it also provides room for deeper penetration.[2]

A lot of couples haven’t tried deep penetration before. So, it is often confusing for them to analyze what it is, how it feels, and whether it is safe. If you know how to do deep cervix penetration, both you and your partner will have a great time with each there.

This article acts as a guide for everyone who wants to know how and what cervix penetration feels like.

Where is the cervix?

The cervix begins at the stretch of the uterus and continues till the vagina. Hence, it is more like a neck made of tissues that connect two different parts.[3]

During the pelvic exam, ectocervix is visible to the gyno. Ectocervix is only a part of the cervix available across your vagina. The vagina, therefore, acts as a connection between the vaginal and cervical canal.

A sex toy or penis slides in the vaginal canal, and intense penetration paves its way against the cervix.

The cervix is the final or endpoint for dildo or penis. The border protects the cervical canal through which the sperm passes into the uterus.[4]

What is penetration? What isn’t it?

Penetration, in general means, when something goes in or makes its way through it. As far as penetration in sex is concerned, it is about a penis or sex toy making its way into the vagina or rectum.

Most people believe that cervical penetration contributes to full-body orgasm. But that’s not true. When trying to achieve orgasm through the cervix, it actually refers to the stimulation of the cervix and not penetration.

Is it possible to penetrate the cervix?


The cervix can’t handle penetration because the entry or cervical opening referred to as external os is very narrow. Hence, a penis or dildo cannot make its way into the cervical opening. The cervical opening is tiny and not anything bigger than the size of a thumb.[5]

Moreover, the cervix is filled with cervical mucus, which, when played with, doesn’t provide a pleasurable experience.

The cervical opening is very small, and the only time it widens is when you’re delivering a baby. So, if you’re not preparing yourself for childbirth, you should avoid anything to pass through the cervix.

If cervical penetration isn’t possible, what is it that I feel?

Cervical penetration isn’t possible, but everything that you feel around that area is pressure. The sex toy or penis rubbing against the cervix is the strength of pushing up. Cervical penetration will actually be hurtful and will also lead to a lot of bleeding. Therefore, it is better not to indulge in any such activity.[6]

Does cervix penetration hurt?

As stated earlier, it is not cervical penetration but cervical stimulation.

Often, cervical stimulation can be hurting, which is why it is necessary to understand the body’s feelings. Vaginal penetration can often hurt, so when your cervix pains, if anything hits it, you shouldn’t be surprised.[7]

As per studies, 60 percent of women are prone to dyspareunia or painful sex. This may, however, not last long and will exist only for a short time. Pain during sex can either be constant or occur before and after sex.

Pressure on your cervix may not be a result of dyspareunia. Hence it is necessary to get in touch with your gynecologist if you notice any symptoms.

Is bleeding common?

If you are opting for cervical penetration for the first time, or are new to it, you may experience bleeding. Although it isn’t normal, it is not a sign of something serious as well. If you and your partner are rushing the event, the sudden rub or friction can act as a surprise, thereby leading to bleeding.[8]

Foreplay, however, can be one of the best ways to get your partner lubed. Also, it will help avoid unnecessary pain and bleeding. A lot of women may feel vaginal dryness. So, it is better to consult your gyno. Your gyno can clarify all your doubts regarding what’s the best way to go down there.

Is cervical orgasm possible?

Yes, very much.

But, not everyone may have the pleasure to experience cervical orgasm. A lot of women need clitoral stimulation to attain orgasm and not penetration.[9]

Undoubtedly, clitoral orgasms are strong and intense and focused around your vagina, but it will last only for a few seconds.

On the other hand, cervical stimulation is strong, thereby leading to pressure buildup across the body and giving way to full-body orgasm. One may also experience tingling sensations on reaching full-body experience with the effects moving from your head to goes.

Depending on the penetration depth, a lot of women may also experience orgasm for a long time.

Is it safe?

A cervical orgasm is safe. However, deep penetration can help you achieve cervical orgasm only if stimulation is appropriately done.[10]

Most people are not comfortable with the idea of cervical stimulation, which is why they aren’t able to feel pleasure or reach orgasm. Also, sex won’t be great in such situations.

Is it possible to achieve cervical orgasm without penetration?

Not really.

The vagina is the only way to reach your cervix. Whether you want to achieve cervical orgasm solo or with your partner, you may want to do it deep to make the most of it.

The best position to achieve cervical orgasm is doggy style. Not only does it make you feel relaxed but also makes deep penetration easy and comfortable.[11]

Cervical penetration is impossible because it is painful, and there isn’t much space. But, you can surely achieve cervical orgasm through stimulation.[12]

Although it is completely safe, it is advisable to reach out to your gyno to understand safety concerns better. The gyno will be able to answer questions like how long should you stay in position, and how to stay safe. Deep penetration is intense and fun, so you might want to indulge in it and explore your pleasure zones.

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