Aphrodisiac Foods That Can Help Boost Your Libido

Sex is an integral part of our daily life. But the most important part is to have great sex, and this isn’t possible if you don’t have proper libido. The lack of libido production often leads to lesser excitement around the body. Often it is said that the way to one’s heart is through his stomach.

Well, if you want to get closer to your partner, you need to feed them a delicious meal that will leave a tingling sensation all around. These foods tend to have aphrodisiac qualities that can help in the production of libido. History is proof that most of the bonds have occurred through dining.

If you want to have a more intimate relationship with your partner, you need to indulge in healthy eating activities. Believe it or not, but certain foods can play an important role in boosting libido production. These foods are rich in qualities that can help to improve the strength of the reproductive system, thereby lessening stress, and increasing body stamina. Better body stamina means better sex and, eventually, a healthy living.

Before you understand what foods have aphrodisiac qualities, it is necessary to determine what aphrodisiac foods are.[1]

What are the aphrodisiac foods?

Aphrodisiac foods are named after the God of Love, Aphrodite. These foods or drugs are aimed at enhancing the erotic instinct of the body. It not only helps to improve sexual performance but also contributes to overwhelming desires and better pleasure. The aphrodisiac foods are often obtained from plants, minerals, and even animals. The presence of aphrodisiac foods can be traced back to history.

Procreation has always been an important part of history, and thus potency and virility need to be taken care of properly. While aphrodisiacs were extremely popular in the past generation, it continues to excite people in today’s generation. These foods are scientifically proven to boost performance and are considered to be romance foods.

Aphrodisiacs often serve three purposes of boosting pleasure, libido, and increasing potency. Different food and enzymes work differently.[2] And one of the major goals happens to be boosting the romantic experience. Thus, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the pleasure.

If you feel that your sex life isn’t good enough and needs more excitement, it is time that you get these aphrodisiac foods.



All the mentioned foods are scientifically proven to boost libido production in the body. Since these are natural, they don’t have side effects as pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore, they are safe to use. Some of the prominent libido-boosting foods include the following.


This sweet root vegetable is endowed with health benefits, and one of the main is its libido production boosting quality. Maca is also referred to as the Peruvian Viagra because it is used in South America on a large scale. Maca looks close to vegetables like cauliflower, kale, cabbage, and broccoli.[4]

Apart from animal studies, studies have shown that maca consumption can help to boost sexual desires in humans. Antidepressant drugs often lead to a decrease in libido production. But this side effect can be easily countered by the consumption of maca.[5]


Oysters are one of the most popular foods to have aphrodisiac qualities. They are known to boost sexual desire, thereby leading to more intimate moments. The high zinc content of oysters is mainly responsible for the aphrodisiac quality of the food.

The zinc content of oysters helps to stimulate sperm production and also increases libido. Several types of research have also shown that the amino acid content of oysters further helps in boosting the sex hormone production in the body.

The tyrosine content of oysters also boosts the production of dopamine in the body. The low levels of dopamine will eventually have a negative impact on the libido of the body.


Asparagus is surely one of the sexiest foods available on the planet. You may feel that it is not tasty enough, but then it is something you should be trying. The vitamin E content of asparagus contributes to aphrodisiac qualities. This further helps to enhance the reproductive hormones of both men and women.

Apart from vitamin E, asparagus also contains vitamin B, which helps in increasing histamine production around the body. Histamine is one of the most important chemicals that are responsible for boosting the libido in both men and women. As a result, it also helps to maintain the reproductive health for both the sexes.

Being a great source of potassium, asparagus, also helps you stay high in energy. Also, when you feel energetic, you will surely perform in a proper way. The nutritional deficiency will eventually be met by the consumption of asparagus.

Chili peppers

If you have felt that chili peppers are only meant to spice up your food, well, they aren’t. The chili peppers are here to spice up your sex life as well. Chili peppers are rich in capsaicin, a colorless and odorless compound that stimulates the nerve endings of the tongue.

Consumption of chili peppers increases the capsaicin content of the body, thereby leading to a higher release of epinephrine. The higher level of endorphin helps to boost libido production and ensure better sex. You can also have chili peppers with other aphrodisiac rich foods such as avocado to set the mood right.


There’s no benefit that avocado won’t have. Needless to say, this multipurpose food is something that should be on your go-to list. The popularity of avocado for boosting potency and virility has been there for a long time, mostly the Aztec times.

Avocado gets its name from the word “ahuacatl,” which translates to Arabic. This is usually named so because of its shape and also because it grows in pairs. Avocado can play an important role in boosting the vitality of the body due to the high levels of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an extremely important vitamin, thereby helping to maintain the energy level and boosting the youthful vigor of the body.[6]


Saffron is one of the most expensive spices found in Southwest Asia. Saffron is extensively used globally to treat depression, boosting mood, and lowering stress. But apart from having mood-boosting properties, saffron also contributes towards enhancing the mood and sexual desires due to the aphrodisiac qualities.[7]

Antidepressants tend to have a negative impact on libido. As a result, this is easily combated with the consumption of saffron. One of the studies conducted on a group of men showed that saffron consumption tends to have a greater impact than a placebo on treating erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, to show its impact, 30mg of saffron should be consumed on a regular basis.[8]

Another study conducted also showed the positive impact of saffron consumption leading to a higher level of arousal and better lubrication in the case of ladies. The aphrodisiac qualities of saffron have the same impact on people who do not suffer from depression.[9]


The reputation of chocolate having aphrodisiac qualities has been there for a long time. Chocolates are rich in PEA (phenylethylamine) that triggers the nervous system, thereby leading to pleasurable release similar to the effect of endorphins.[10]

Moreover, PEA also helps in boosting the production of dopamine, which is largely known for sexual arousal and pleasure. Chocolate is one of the most important gifts. Chocolate contains cocoa that has tryptophan, the main compound responsible for boosting serotonin levels in the body. Apart from that, phenylethylamine is also found in chocolate. The release of these chemicals make you feel more in love, and as a result, you should surely be consuming it.[11]


The roots of ginger have several health benefits. One of the main benefits of ginger is that it helps to aid digestion. Apart from the health benefits of ginger, it also has certain romantic properties.

The history of ginger, when traced back to Ancient Asia, will show that Confucius added ginger in every meal. Ginger is extremely popular in India for treating impotence. The active ingredient of ginger, gingerol, is one of the main stimulants that help in increasing libido. Apart from that, it increases the heart rate and helps you relax.[12]


Fenugreek plant is grown globally and is mostly popular around South Asian countries. The Ayurvedic qualities of fenugreek help in boosting the libido of the body, and it also has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Studies have shown that fenugreek can help in the production of sex hormones, testosterone, and estrogen. Further studies have also shown that fenugreek helps to get better sexual arousals, more arousals. Fenugreek consumption is also said to have a positive impact on women with low sex drive.[13]

If you are on blood-thinning medicines, you need to avoid the fenugreek consumption as it may cause minor stomach upset.


The aroma of truffles contributes a lot towards increasing libido. The smell of truffles is very much similar to the male pheromone androsterone. It is rare and extremely tasty, which is why truffles are one of the most popular choices to make for a date night. The high protein content of truffles also contributes towards better stamina and energy.

Foods with aphrodisiac qualities can play an essential role in boosting your sexual desire. You can also try to use supplements such as Spanish Fly Pro. You need to start with a small dosage so that you can proceed with it accordingly.

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