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Spanish Fly. It seems like it is everywhere now and everybody is speaking about it. What is it Spanish Fly? How does it work? And why there are so many types and brands of Spanish Fly products? Continue reading and discover more!

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How It All Began?

For time immemorial, man has been obsessed with increasing sexual performance. Records from the time of Romans, Greeks, Persians and even Sumerians all indicate various forms of aphrodisiacs. The Aztecs, for instance, held avocados with such regard in terms of their supposed aphrodisiac qualities, as well as their testicle-like shape.

The issue of low libido in both men and women and unfulfilling sexual performance has been a point of concern, even for those who have no issues and have just wanted to increase and boost sexual performance. One of the top aphrodisiacs over the years has been Spanish Fly. In different cultures and throughout periods of history, it has served various purposes for improving libido.

Spanish Fly

Originally, Spanish Fly was a powder excreted by beetles by the same name (also known as the Blister Beetle). The male beetle release a liquid substance, known as cantharid, as a defense mechanism when attacked and also secrete the same liquid on the female beetle as a seduction tactic to get the female beetle to mate.[1]

History of Spanish Fly

The use of Spanish Fly as an aphrodisiac has its origins in Europe, where the substance was obtained by crushing the beetles and extracting the liquid. It was said to increase arousal in men and women having some of the same effects seen in Viagra. Later research would reveal that the chemical is a natural toxin that leads to inflammation in the form of an erection in males or a swollen labium in females.[2]

Still, in desired dosages (usually drops mixed in drinks), it seemed to elicit desired responses going by anecdotal evidence both from the Romans and the French (where at one-point cantharid was a banned substance) court stories of women and men seduced to orgies by members of the royalty using Spanish Fly.

And it was a hit!

At one point, so popular was its use it was even used in animal husbandry to stimulate animals into mating.

In other areas, especially China, the substance was used as a female aphrodisiac as well as for the treatment of various ailments including ulcers, heart conditions, removal of warts, earaches, kidney issues, burns, and inflammation. There have been fatal side effects of the substance recorded in both humans and animals, including death due to kidney complications, among others.

Modern forms of Spanish Fly

As more research was done on cantharid, its toxic nature was revealed, but the popularity of the drug still held sway. It has been suggested that the oral application of the substance is what caused many of the complications recorded earlier and that when taken as a liquid and using a scientific method of extraction, the aphrodisiac was safe.[3] Even then, no aphrodisiac bearing the name comes close to any of the older ingredients. Instead, many new aphrodisiac products with the name Spanish Fly only play on the legacy of the ancient product and do not contain any elements from the beetle.

Instead, the products make use of herbal ingredients known to have aphrodisiac properties, which in combination make up a potent mixture. Here is a look at some of the ingredients used in the best quality Spanish Fly product – the Spanish Fly Pro.

Spanish Fly Pro ingredients

1. Zinc

Our body’s Zinc levels are dependent on the food we eat, but few of us ever get to eat the daily recommended amount. Zinc is vital to the production of testosterone, which enhances sexual drive and also improves overall sperm quality.

2. Maca

It has gained a reputation as one of the most potent aphrodisiacs used in Spanish Fly. Originally harvested in Peru, many of its mental and physical enhancements lead to its libido improving abilities.[4] These enhancements include an increase in energy, mental and physical endurance as well as improved mood.[5]

3. Guarana

A stimulant obtained from a climbing tree in South America, Guarana is almost three times as potent as caffeine and helps improve mental focus, acts as an anti-oxidant and enhances energy levels. It is mostly used in drinks as a stimulant and added to the Spanish Fly for the same purpose.

4. Caffeine

It serves the same stimulating function as guarana. It helps increase blood flow, which is essential for improved sexual performance. Moderation is, however, important since people who consume plenty of it usually end up having the opposite effect of having a low sex drive.

5. Ginseng

Usually known as Panax ginseng or red ginseng, it has a reputation for its aphrodisiac qualities, though it has other medicinal uses as well. Ginseng helps relax the body muscles, increasing the flow of blood. It also helps men with erectile dysfunction while improving sexual desire and fulfillment (it also improves sexual desire in women). Ginseng also helps improve one’s vitality, both mentally and physically.

6. Tribulus Terrestris

The fruit from a Tribulus plant is widely used in Ayurveda for a range of reasons, and it has proven sexual health benefits including use in treating erectile dysfunction, quality of sperm and their movement in men, while in women it helps improve arousal,[6] quality of orgasm and increased lubrication. It also helps improve the general desire for sex and increases hormone levels.[7]

7. Damiana

Research, including that done by the FDA, shows that damiana has strong effects in enabling the achievement of ejaculatory series in men.[8] It also contains flavonoids and arbutin, which help in its positive sexual effects.[9]

8. L-arginine

L-arginine is one of the amino acids used in the creation of protein. It helps relax the body as well as improve blood flow. It is also used to improve arousal and the overall sex experience.[10]

How to use Spanish Fly Pro

Spanish Fly & Glass of Wine

Most of Spanish Fly aphrodisiac products are in liquid form. Consumption is either by placing a couple of drops in the mouth or mixing them with liquids before sexual intercourse. Most of the products recommend being taken between 10 to 45 minutes before intimacy. You can also check the product’s instructions for the amount to be consumed.

Spanish Fly has come a long way to the modern version of the aphrodisiac. The continuous use is proof of its effectiveness. It is, however, essential to be careful about the product you pick to avoid taking products that have no effect or are dangerous to your health. Look for their FDA approval, online reviews and their ingredients list.

Is it true that Spanish Fly increases your libido?

Spanish fly has been a subject of much critism by many, and it has been lumped together with all other libido products and labelled as being a mere placebo. However, Spanish Fly, which was first discovered by Spanish sailors, is really a genuine and very effective libido booster and is proven by years of being used by everyone from ordinary folks to the whose who in society. These Spanish sailors discovered that they got very sexually excited whenever they ate the powder from ground green blister beetles. After many months at sea, these sailors really needed to be in top shape, and they used the powder to get erections that could last for hours. The powder could either be ingested via the mouth or they would rub it on their genitals.

This powder is also effective in helping to increase low libido in women. It makes the clitoris become very sensitive, and thus women experience more sexual desire. This is because Spanish Fly excretion is also used by the male beetles to attract female beetles. Just like Viagra and Cialis, Spanish Fly assists in improving libido levels by increasing the supply of blood to the genitals.

The effect of Spanish Fly on Vaginismus

Vaginismus is an extremely painful condition that affects a lot of women around the world. This condition is brought about by the involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles, and is extremely painful when having sexual intercourse.

This condition is, however, manageable, and there are a number of ways that you can get rid of vaginismus. The first is to try and workout so that you can learn how to control your pelvic muscles to keep the painful automatic contracting while for sex, desensitization gradually will be effective in helping you to be more used to penetration in order to have sex normally.[11]

Spanish Fly helps to lessen this condition by helping to manage the pain in ways such as helping you to do Kegel exercises more successfully. It also reduces the stress in the body – be it physical or emotional – by arousing the woman and putting her in the right mood for intercourse. This in turns makes the vagina able to accept foreign objects without stress.[12]

Reasons why you might experience pain during sex and how Spanish Fly can help

Painful sex is a terrible experience and there are many reasons why you might be feeling some pain during sexual intercourse:

  1. Not enough lubrication – When the vagina is not wet enough, penetration brings about friction that causes pain
  2. Allergic reactions – Some women have allergic reactions to products used during sex, such as latex and lubricants
  3. Vaginismus – This condition makes the vagina close and spasm when there is penetration[13]

One of the most effective ways of treating vaginal pain, apart from the traditional ones like using lubrication and medication, is to use products that enhance sexual desire. Spanish Fly does this by increasing blood flow to the genitals.[14]

This libido enhancer has been proven to have no side effects, as it is natural and very safe. You only need to put a small amount in your beverage, and within a few minutes, your sexual desire will be heightened, giving you a very satisfying sexual experience.

Spanish Fly as an aphrodisiac

A very long time ago, people first realized that the white substance that green beetles secreted seemed to attract females. It wasn’t long that it was discovered to also work on women – and be very effective. For more than 1000 years, people have used Spanish Fly as an aphrodisiac and it has become most popular among women.

This aphrodisiac is popular among people of all classes, including the ordinary and the great. Some famous people who are known to have used this aphrodisiac include Napoleon, Maria Theresa and Julius Caesar. Spanish Fly heightens the sensitivity of the clitoris and increases sexual desire. It helps to keep the vagina moist, boosting the libido of the woman. For a man, the erection will last longer and the sensations will be much better.[15]

Can Spanish Fly help with sexual anxiety?

Some of the various mental and emotional triggers that could cause sexual anxiety include:

  1. Anxiety – High expectations from one partner could make the other feel anxious that they will perform below par
  2. Fear
  3. Trauma – Childhood memories of bad sexual encounters or incidents, such as sexual abuse or assault

Some people seek the support of therapists to help solve or overcome sexual problems, but it doesn’t always work for everyone. Spanish Fly is therefore the best alternative for these people because it provides both mental and emotional benefits. Spanish Fly helps to stabilize hormones and increase the libido. This makes it possible for one to enjoy sex without any inhibitions.[16]

Spanish Fly helps in alleviating vaginal dryness

The lining of the vagina walls can be dry, which causes excruciating pain during sex. This usually occurs due to a reduction in estrogen levels in the body (estrogen is the hormone responsible for keeping the vagina lubricated and elastic). Menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding, chemotherapy, antidepressant use and Sjogren’s syndrome are major factors that lead to a reduction in estrogen levels.

Spanish Fly is able to help fix this condition. It brings about a balance in the hormones that stimulate the production of estrogen, which reduces vaginal dryness that may prohibit the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

Aphrodisiacs vs. Spanish Fly

Aphrodisiacs and Spanish Fly are two substances that are used to increase sexual arousal and performance, solve fertility problems and boost sperm production in men. These are just some of the many benefits of aphrodisiacs and Spanish Fly. In this article, we are going to answer all the questions that you may have about aphrodisiacs and Spanish Fly.

What is an aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac, also known as a love drug, refers to a substance that, when consumed, has the potential to increase libido. The word is derived from the Greek word aphrodisios, which loosely refers to a connection with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Though commonly confused with fertility substances, aphrodisiacs do not address sexual dysfunction problems. Instead, they only boost an individual’s sex drive. This means that people suffering from erectile dysfunction may not benefit from the positive effects of aphrodisiacs.[17]

It is also important to remember that unlike ED drugs, aphrodisiacs present very few and very feeble side effects. This is because most of them are either consumed whole, in their natural form, or are manufactured from all-natural ingredients. The opposite of aphrodisiacs is anaphrodisiacs [substances that kill sex drive].[18]

Even before the advent of modern medicine, there were already many substances, such as Yohimbine, that were used as aphrodisiacs. However, there is still ongoing scientific research on their effectiveness.

What is Spanish Fly?

The name Spanish Fly is a common term among many people suffering from low sex drive. Spanish Fly is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs recommended today, especially because it is a natural substance – hence presenting no side effects. As of April 2019, Spanish Fly has been used by 1,263 000 people, with the majority lauding it for its effectiveness in dealing with low libido.

As a natural Viagra, Spanish Fly has been especially recommended for women battling low sex drive. A few drops of the substance is all it takes to stimulate your sexual feelings and improve your sexual performance. For women, Spanish Fly works by improving their sexual desires and causing more intense orgasms. Also, it is known to lubricate the vagina, increase blood flow to the vaginal area, increase clitoral stimulation as well as increase the chances of having more orgasms.

Are aphrodisiacs dangerous?

In order to answer this question, you need to first understand the various forms through which aphrodisiacs exist. Aphrodisiac substances exist in three main forms: foods, herbs and supplements. You need not worry too much about consuming an aphrodisiac food or herb as these are purely organic and therefore present very few [if any] side effects. However, when it comes to supplements, there could be possible dangers. This is because regulators like the FDA, are yet to declare aphrodisiac substances scientifically effective.[19]

This means that manufacturers only use natural substances to produce aphrodisiac supplements, which should come as good news. However, since there are not very clear regulations around aphrodisiac supplements, the production environments are not controlled. As such, you are likely to encounter supplements that either do not deliver on their claims or ones that are laced with harmful chemicals making them outright dangerous.

Is Spanish Fly dangerous?

Originally, Spanish Fly was derived from green beetles. But as it turns out, this form of the substance was highly dangerous, so it was abandoned. Therefore, most of the products today are industrially manufactured. It is important to remember that we have well over 100 different Spanish Fly manufacturers.[20]

So obviously, the safety of the product will depend on how reputable a manufacturer is. If bought from a reputed brand, the product could even be more potent than the original one derived from the green beetle.

However, finding the best brand may not be a walk in the park. Always do a little research on the product and examine the individual ingredients used and read reviews and testimonials posted by users on online community forums. But most importantly, always settle for a product that is U.S. FDA compliant, as it is only this way that you can be assured of its safety.[21]

What are the best aphrodisiacs?

Spanish Fly Label

As we have already seen, the best aphrodisiacs are determined by two parameters: the amount of all-natural ingredients used and their ability to elicit ZERO side effects. Therefore, experts still insist on natural foods, fruits and herbs. However, there are also lots of healthy, industrially prepared aphrodisiacs.[22]

Spanish Fly Package

One aphrodisiac that deserves a mention is Spanish Fly PRO. Though it is not a natural substance, Spanish Fly PRO is known for its remarkable ability to improve sex drive by stimulating blood flow to the sexual organs, increasing sexual energy and improving the duration of erection and the number of orgasms.[23]

Other aphrodisiacs include:

  1. Damiana
  2. Rhinoceros horn
  3. Alder bark
  4. Deer antler

In terms of the food-based aphrodisiacs, a notable mention is chocolate – especially dark chocolate. As an aphrodisiac, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is responsible for bringing about intense sexual excitement. Also, the fact that it is tasty makes it easier to seamlessly incorporate into your diet. Other natural aphrodisiac foods include onions, asparagus, turnips, squashes, artichokes, leeks, etc. Lovers of the bottle are not left behind, either, thanks to the libido-enhancing benefits of red wine.[24]

What is the legality of aphrodisiacs in the U.S.?

Most aphrodisiacs are legally available for use in the U.S. because they are not drugs and most are FDA-compliant. However, as the buyer, you need to take certain precautionary measures to ensure what you are buying is safe for use. You want a product that delivers on its aphrodisiac claims as well as one that presents no side effects. First, always insist on substances that are FDA-approved. It at all possible, start off with the natural aphrodisiac foods and herbs before working your way up to supplements.

And when buying industrially-prepared aphrodisiac supplements, investigate the individual ingredients used.

The more natural the better. Above all, always consult your physician and have them examine you for any possible side effects resulting from aphrodisiac use. Aphrodisiacs may not work on people with underlying medical conditions or those taking any medical prescriptions.

Is Spanish Fly illegal in the U.S.?

You do not need to be worried about the legality of the Spanish Fly in the U.S. more than you should worry about dosages. Though it is a highly potent aphrodisiac, overdose of Spanish Fly could come with a few side effects, such as blistering, burning urination, itchiness and a possible damage to vital organs such as the liver.

Thankfully, most Spanish Fly brands are FDA-approved. This means most of them are legal in the U.S., so you need not worry too much about possible side effects. But just like the case when shopping for any aphrodisiac, you need to pay close attention to the reputation of the brand. And even after buying from the most reputed brand, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s dosage requirements. The last thing you want is to experience side effects in a bid to bring out the sexual animal in you.

Are aphrodisiacs considered drugs?

Aphrodisiacs are not drugs, but instead substances made from natural ingredients that boost libido. Libido is the name given for the sexual levels in an individual in physical, mental and social ways. Aphrodisiacs are the umbrella name for a number of different substances that include Maca, Pine Nuts, Garlic, Figs, Pomegranates, Mad Honey and Spanish Fly (just to name a few). Many aphrodisiacs are approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration in the U.S.) and are FDA compliant, so you should have all the peace of mind that the products you are taking are good and that they work.

Is Spanish Fly considered a drug?

Spanish Fly is not a drug – instead, it is a natural substance made from herbal ingredients, such as Maca, Bindii, Guarana, Caffeine and Damiana. Many people confuse Spanish Fly with an ancient medicine that was made from Spanish Fly that is found in southern Europe; however, there are no insects in this medicine. It is a very old medicine that has been around for thousands of years, made from different variations of herbal ingredients, in places such as Spain, Southern France, Portugal, Italy and Morroco.

Spanish Fly products are one of the many FDA approved aphrodisiacs on the market, so this should give you some peace of mind. Furthermore, Spanish Fly is not considered a drug as it is made from organic herbal ingredients.

What are the active ingredients in Spanish Fly?

All active ingredients found in Spanish Fly come from organic sources such as plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Ingredients found in Spanish Fly include Maca[25], Guarana Seed, Caffeine and Damiana.[26] There are variants in the different brands of Spanish Fly medicines, so some may include natural ingredients, but the active ingredients listed above are considered to be the traditional ingredients that are used by all brands.

Spanish Fly is perfect for females and males looking to increase their libido levels and boost their sexual performance and health.

Other active ingredients found in Spanish Fly is Panax ginseng, which is a substance that comes from the root of the Panax plant, and a mix of other herbal ingredients that are all 100% organic and are verified by the FDA to be healthy and safe for individuals. But always read the label on the label to make sure that you are taking the correct dosage.

What are the active ingredients in aphrodisiacs?

There are a lot of different aphrodisiacs, and therefore there will be a lot of different active ingredients, so instead, we have listed the active ingredients, below, for all the most popular aphrodisiacs out there:

  • Arginine: A type of amino acid that is found in foods high in protein, such as nuts, milk, meat, cheese, eggs and beans. Known to boost sperm production in men and boost the sexual drive.
  • Epimedium: Extracted from the Barrenwort flower, this ingredient boosts sexual hormones in males and improves their sexual drive and helps against erectile dysfunction.
  • Fennel: Taken from the Fennel bulb green vegetable that hails from the carrot family but looks a bit like a cabbage. It boosts sexual drive in women and can help vaginal stimulation.
  • Ginseng: Found in the Ginseng root that is a common plant found in East Asian countries such as China and South Korea.[27] Ginseng is known to boost testosterone levels in males and thus the sex drive.[28]
  • Yohimbe: Found in the Bindii plant and the Maidenhair tree, Yohimbe is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.[29][30]

Benefits of aphrodisiacs and Spanish Fly

  • Can improve healing of sexual organs, such as the vagina and the penis, which is something that is very often overlooked.
  • Boost the sex drive in men and women leading to increased sexual pleasure and performance.
  • Help with increased sexual stimulation and pleasure to both men and women.
  • Can boost the production of sperm, which can help men who use these products to become more fertile.
  • Can also boost levels of natural lubrication in a woman’s vagina, which will help make sure that woman is feeling more pleasured and is going to experience less damage and tearing during sex.
  • Can also make a man become hairier and manlier, which is a benefit in attracting females and getting more sexual partners.

Do aphrodisiacs really work?

Yes, aphrodisiacs are known to work and have been used for thousands of years throughout the world. However, some people still label them as a product that relies on the ‘placebo effect,’ which is when people think they feel better because they believe the medicine or substance they are taking is helping them.

Our survey

Does Spanish Fly really work?

Yes, Spanish Fly is one of the best-known aphrodisiacs out there; it has been used for a very long time by people in Southern Europe and by Roman nobility and even emperors in order to boost their sexual drive, with the exploration of sexuality being a very popular topic in ancient Roman times.

Are aphrodisiac and Spanish Fly suitable for men and women?

Yes, aphrodisiacs and Spanish Fly are suitable for both men and women. You do have to make sure that you are the taking the right kind of aphrodisiac, based on your gender and on the problems you are trying to cure. For example, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you should use Epimedium and Yohimbe. And if you are a woman, it is worth trying Ginseng and also substances that contain Maca.


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